Translating Sustainability Commitments into Action

At Sun Pharma, we are focused on leveraging our resources, people and network to usher in a shared and sustainable future for all. We continue to collaborate with our stakeholders to implement solutions that positively impact the society.

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ESG Performance Highlights


Reduction in absolute and 27% reduction in specific intensity for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions compared to baseline year 2020


Reduction in absolute and 38% reduction in specific intensity for water consumption compared to baseline year 2020


Energy sourced from renewable sources

` 0.0 Mn

CSR spend

0 Mn

Lives touched in India through CSR initiatives

Great Place To Work® Certified


Average Board meeting attendance


Independent board directors


of Board members specialising in pharmaceutical industry experience

About Sun Pharma

Enriching Lives Everyday

We are a leading global specialty generic pharmaceutical Company with over US$5.4 Billion in revenues. We provide high-quality, affordable medications trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in 100+ countries, backed by 43 manufacturing facilities and strong R&D capabilities.

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Message from
the Managing Director

Dear Stakeholders,

Globally, businesses can play a pivotal role in building a more sustainable and inclusive society. At Sun Pharma, we continue to harness our people’s power, expertise and network to deliver sustainable outcomes for all our stakeholders. We are purpose-driven and inspired by our Vision – ‘Reaching People And Touching Lives Globally As A Leading Provider Of Valued Medicines’.

Dilip ShanghviManaging Director

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Corporate Governance

Going Beyond Compliance

Our corporate governance approach, characterised by quality, reliability, trust, consistency and innovation, is embedded in our value system. Maintaining the highest standards of ethical business conduct is central to our efforts to create shared value for all our stakeholders. Upholding ethical business conduct fosters transparent and accountable communication with all stakeholders, facilitating responsible and sustainable decision-making.

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Stakeholder Engagement and
Materiality Assessment

Shaping a shared, sustainable future

Stakeholder engagement is crucial to our business, enabling us to maintain a consistent and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders.

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Our ESG Strategy

Integrating ESG in Business Objectives

At the heart of our ESG strategy lies our values and ideologies, which guide our actions and decisions. Humility, integrity, innovation, and passion form the foundation of our approach towards ESG.


We prioritise delivering highquality medicines and healthcare solutions that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers globally.


We strive to be a trusted partner by consistently delivering on our commitments and maintaining a reliable supply of medicines.


We value the trust placed in us by our stakeholders and work diligently to uphold it through transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices.


We maintain consistency in our operations, ensuring that our actions align with our stated goals and commitments.


We foster a culture of innovation to drive advancements in addressing unmet medical needs and improving health outcomes.

Environmental Stewardship

A Pledge to Protect
Our Planet

Safeguarding the environment lies at the core of our endeavours, signifying an essential strategic priority and an integral pillar of our sustainable development aspirations. Mindful of our duty to mitigate any detrimental effects on the environment, we undertake focused initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.
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Workforce Resilience and Well-being

Empowering Talent

Aligned with our vision of 'Reaching People, Touching Lives Globally as a Leading Provider of Medicines', we are championing the potential of our diverse and dynamic workforce. With a talented team of 43,000+ individuals, we are a global brand united by the shared mission of creating a healthier future for all.

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Strategic Risk Management

Focus on Risk

At Sun Pharma, risk management is entrenched within our corporate strategy. The focus is on risk assessment, mitigation and de-risking while simultaneously enhancing risk management capabilities.

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Responsible Future

Enhancing Access to
Quality Healthcare

The realisation of the goal of universal health coverage relies on access to safe and efficacious medicines at affordable prices.

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Enhancing Social Value

Striving towards an Equitable Future

Through our philanthropic programmes and volunteering efforts, we extend our responsibility beyond addressing healthcare outcomes to delivering meaningful change in the lives of the communities. We maximise our impact and reach by collaborating with our partners, who help us weave the essence of our 'Sunology' philosophy into community-related initiatives.

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